Wrapping Systems

The Lawhill WM6 Flowrap System is designed to wrap paper products in a pillow type pack with two end seals and a single long seal. The principle is shown in the diagram opposite and is typified by the wrapped booklet in the photograph.  This sample is of polypropylene which has been overprinted to provide an opaque finish for the cheque book inside.  The WM6 can be hand fed as a stand-alone machine, as shown in the photograph below, or integrated as part of a complete production line.  The salient features of  the WM6 system are :-
-  Stand-alone, loose or hard, in-line coupled
-  Sheet feeders and wrap registration available
-  Thin pack wrapping without distortion
-  Wrapping with paper, foil or plastic based film
-  Long shelf life of wrapping material

Typically the WM6 Wrapping System can be integrated with any one of the range of Lawhill Booklet Making machines. The diagram above shows a typical wrap mailing system with down-stream feeders for the insertion of additional plain or folded documents for a Council Tax application.  The photograph below shows another Book Maker and WM6 Wrapper combination, but in this case there are no extra feeder stations. The wrapping material is overprinted with a transparent address window which requires registration of each of the repeated wraps.