Flag Making Systems

The Lawhill FAS4 Flag Making System was originally designed for the automated production of paper hand wavers for a major high street fast food restaurant chain and since that time has been developed to include a wide range of similar products for marketing campaigns around the world.  The basic system assembles each item from a printed flag of some paper based material, and a pole of either hollow plastic or solid rolled paper.  The complete system, as shown in the photographs below, consists of a paper sheet feeding unit coupled to the assembly unit which brings both the flag and pole together while applying hot melt glue as the bonding agent.

The sheet feeding device is a standard Lawhill Automate™ unit. Individual flags are released from the suction feeder, through a continuously moving belt drive, and finally into the assembly station. Here, both flag and flag pole and the final product is ejected onto a shingle stack conveyor ready for packaging.  The basic system specification is as follows :-
-  Paper weight - 70 to 135 gsm
-  Paper sizes - 105 mm x 148 mm up to A4
-  Paper capacity - up to 8000 sheets
-  Flag pole length - 200 mm to 390 mm
-  Flag pole diameter - 4 mm to 6 mm
-  Gross speed - 2500 finished flags per hour
-  Wastage - less than 1% in production