Direct Mail Products

Using the expertise gained in document verification as applied to 'in-house' equipment, Lawhill can now offer a self-contained system for adding intelligence to all basic mailing machines. The new Lawhill Mailbox™ (shown below left) has been developed in response to demands from within the Direct Mail Industry and provides the most cost effective way for tackling those mailing functions which require the reading of pre-printed information or codes from certain documents.

The Lawhill Mailbox™, the interface between
inserting machine and PC based controller

A typical laser scanner reading
bar codes through window envelopes 

Normally the information is applied to the prime, or address document, and can appear as ordinary alpha-numeric characters or as a standard bar code. The details are read by a camera or laser scanner and are then passed to the Mailbox where dedicated software processes the data.  If the information is pre-printed so that it appears within an envelope 'window' after insertion, it can be re-read prior to despatch for auditing purposes.