Continuous Finishing

Cheques and similar documents printed on continuous webs are normally arranged either sequentially one after the other in parallel columns, or in a zigzag fashion, termed slalom.  Each arrangement has its advantages and Lawhill provides systems to accommodate both.  Column printed webs are fed into one or more cutter to remove the tractor holes and separate the forms  into individual pages. The web can be reel fed from a suitable unwind unit or from fanfold bulk.

In either format each of the documents can be identified with a bar code or Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) for ensuring set integrity and for merging documents from additional webs while maintaining the correct document sequence. The photograph above shows the Lawhill SUREWEB™ System with two continuous webs and additional sheet feeders for top and bottom covers mounted prior to the final finishing process.  An alternative option is shown in the diagram below where two webs are passed through a double tractor forms cutter with additional documents, in cut sheet form, being integrated into the book collation from sheet feeders mounted alongside the assembly area.  For total flexibility utilising four webs, these can be replaced with a second double tractor forms cutter.